In First mission, You have to play without weapon. However, you can test the gun in the weapon room. 

In battle mission, You can get a gun to fight. There are mission you can keep the gun that you have to play in previous mission.But you can choose new gun that you want in the zone or by kill the enemy.

You can modify your gun in weapon menu. 


Weapon MenuEdit

  • Equiping : Moving the pointer in list of stock. You can drag item and move to blank slot on stock or move it to weapon slot, If it is the correct slot.
  • Tuner : The tuner button is under this menu. You can use 'Left click' or 'Right click' to make adjustments. ,Speed and Direction of the shots.
  • Pick up the item of another gun : You can drag the other item on other weapons by open Weapon Menu when your player on the other weapons.

Level of the attachmentEdit

The item in the weapon or in the list of stock have a level. If It is a clip, Higher level is making more damage of bullets. 

Type of AttachmentEdit

  • Clip : It is the bullets of each gun.
  • Muzzle : There are two kinds of this. The silencer is low noise and more stable to shoot. The fire jacket it make more damage.
  • P.O.D. : It like a robot to help you to fight. some P.O.D. can help you to regenerate power. some P.O.D. can help you to find the cloak enemy.
  • AI. Pack : It make more advantage of battle. It's make more barrier. It can help you to hack some enemy or some device.
  • Booster : In the case of heavy gun, It can help you to carry those weapon. It can help you to jump or float in the air.
  • Other...